Does Your Blended Resource Make The Grade?

Considerations for Evaluating Blended Classroom Tools

We interviewed teachers, curriculum specialists, superintendents and more to find out what they look for in a digital resource. These conversations invariably steered away from what technology is used and towards how and why technology is used in the classroom.

This highlights a pervasive shift in perspective around the role of education technology - it is but one tool in a larger toolkit.

Does Your Blended Resource Make The Grade

Whether you’re looking for new resources for your schools or taking a critical look at the ones already in use, this report encapsulates six pervasive criteria to consider when evaluating blended learning resources as identified by educational leaders from across North America:

1. Do the digital resources augment hands-on experiences?
2. Are the resources built on research-based pedagogy?
3. Does it support teachers and build teacher-capacity?
4. Is it versatile?
5. Does it have a positive impact on students’ mindset?
6. Do students and teachers find it enjoyable and useful?

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