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During this challenging time we know you need support to keep learning for your kids going at home

Our Home-Learning Kit gives you access to tools designed to deliver playful and rich math learning all summer long.


Zorbit’s Math Adventure Game
Say “Yes!” to screentime guilt-free by joining Zorbit in this fun-filled K-3 math video game proven to help kids learn and love math. 

Offline Games and Activities
We'll send you a package of hands-on activity packages, virtual math lessons, and daily math challenges designed specifically for home-learning. 

Things You Should Know
All of our resources are available in English, but you can get the Zorbit’s Math Adventure game in French by selecting French when you sign up.

The Zorbit’s game is available on iPads and most up-to-date web browsers - it currently does not run on Android devices. Here is a full list of technical requirements.

When students log in for the first time, they’ll get fun space training that teaches them how to use the tools they will find in the game.


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